Has your child’s birth made a difference to the way you look at life?

Is Baptism something you are considering for your child? The vicar would be very happy to meet with you.


  • God’s free gift and affirmation for you.
  • A point of celebration and challenge on the faith journey.
  • A sign of belonging to the family of the Church.

More details can be found at the Church of England’s new Christenings website.

Adult Baptism

Baptism for an adult usually takes place within a service of Confirmation when the bishop is present.


Confirmation is another big point of celebration on the faith journey. It is about saying ‘yes’ to Jesus, to follow him. If you were baptised as an infant then your parents and godparents would have said the ‘yes’ on your behalf. At Confirmation, in the presence of the bishop and all those gathered, you take the responsibility for the ‘yes’. You declare for yourself your commitment to Christ and his Church.

A time of preparation precedes Confirmation.  This is an opportunity to explore the Christian faith and the traditions of the Church of England (the Anglican Church) with other companions on the journey.  The faith journey is not competitive. Jesus invites us to come as we are!