Arranging a Funeral

Accompanying a loved one on their last journey on earth is a privilege for all concerned. 

To request a funeral at All Saints’ speak first with your chosen funeral director.  On your behalf they will make the initial contact with the vicar through the church office. All Saints’ vicar, as a Christian minister, is willing to take funerals at church and/or the crematorium.

Once your funeral director has contacted the church office, the vicar will then arrange a meeting with you. This is an opportunity for you and others in the family to share something of your loved one’s story.  It is also a chance to talk together about the details of the funeral service.  

Holding a funeral wake at All Saints

This is open to all who request a funeral service at All Saints’.  Contact the church office about hire of the Coffee Room (refreshment area) and kitchen.

Prayers for those who have died and those who mourn

At All Saints’ we pray daily for those who have recently died, and for their families and friends.  Prayers are offered in the days leading up to the funeral and for a few days afterwards.  When requested they are also offered around the anniversary of a death.

The annual service for All Souls: A space to remember

All Souls’ is a gentle time of commemoration, a safe space for grief.  The service is a way of remembering those known to us who have died, a way of expressing our love for them. During prayers, names of the departed are read aloud. You may also wish to light a candle in memory.

An invitation to the service is sent to next of kin, though all are welcome. After the service afternoon tea is served, free of charge.