Labyrinth Hire

The Offa House Labyrinth at All Saints

All Saints Church is the home of the ‘Offa House’ labyrinth. This is a large canvas labyrinth, suitable for laying down on a very large, clean, flat surface indoors. Its design is based on that found in the Cathedral of Ravenna, Italy. 

‘A maze has deliberate tricks in it. False trails. Dead ends. This is a labyrinth because there is only one path. A long and complicated one, but only one.’
Salley Vickers
'The Cleaner of Chartres'

Why walk a labyrinth?

Walking a labyrinth is something that Christians have been doing for centuries.  A labyrinth isn’t a maze.  When walking a labyrinth you simply follow the path, which always takes you to the centre

What is crucial to the labyrinth experience is the length and tortuous nature of the pathway: the journey along it can be surprisingly disorientating.  According to Di Williams, Anglican priest & founder of Still Paths, a UK-based labyrinth resource, the point of this long and disorientating path is that ‘by creating the feeling of not knowing where it will go next, it allows the mind to cease racing ahead.  It helps the body to settle to taking one step at a time, trusting the path to reveal itself without need for thought.’ 

For more information on labyrinths, visit the Labyrinth Society.


Hiring the Offa House Labyrinth

The labyrinth is available for hire. It comes with various resources to enable a group to make the most of using it, and is for indoor use only.

To hire the labyrinth, please contact the parish office by phone, email or by using the contact form below. 

NB. No booking is confirmed until the Parish Administrator responds to your enquiry.